Thank you for visiting of Berlin Connecticut. Dave's landscaping has been providing Berlin's residential and commercial property owners with quality personalized lawn care, landscaping, mowing, and property maintenance services for nearly 20 years and we have dozens and dozens of local references. We specialize in building beautiful high quality paver patios, sidewalks, and driveways as well as retaining walls and decorative walls made of a variety of materials. We also build custom outdoor firepits, fireplaces, poolscapes, hardscapes, stairways, and other outdoor structures. We now offer tractor, backhoe, and light excavation service as well as our scheduled maintenance and lawn care services in Berlin Ct, Kensingon Ct, and East Berlin Ct.

My name is David Edelson of Berlin Connecticut, owner of Daves Landscaping. I have been a member of the Berlin Ct. community for my entire life. Graduate of Berlin High School and a proud 20+ year member of the Berlin Volunteer Fire Department. My children have all attended and have been active in Berlin's schools and I try to buy my goods, services, and materials in Berlin whenever possible. The purpose of this website is to ask you to do the same and think of Dave's Landscaping for your landscaping and lawncare needs.

Berlin Connecticut Lawn Care - Lawn Mowing and Grass Services

Lawn Mowing

Dave's landscaping provides quality, dependable, and professional scheduled mowing and maintenance services in and around Berlin CT.

For the sake of efficiency and to provide the best service we offer our lawn mowing services exclusively to the greater Berlin community.

We have a limited number of new openings for each new lawn mowing season. Contact Dave early in the spring to reserve a spot.

Scheduled Service Includes:
Lawn Mowing
Weed Trimming
Debris removal
Curb Appeal

Grass & Lawn Services

Lawn Care
Grass Cutting
Scheduled Maintenance
Grass Planting
Sod "Instant Lawn"
Hydro Seeding
Soil Tilling
Lawn Repair
Weed Control
Lawn Aeration
Power Sweeping
Lawn Edging
Lawn Borders
Blue Grass
Shade Grass

Growing and maintaining a beautiful lawn is both an art and a science. Very rarely will sprinkling some seed on the ground produce desired results. Time of year, soil makeup, sun exposure, and moisture levels are just some of the things to consider when planting grass.
We offer Sod Installation and Hydro Seeding to create a beautiful new lawn.

Farm Fresh Sod

Sod is well established grass harvested from local sod grass farms. Roots and all, the grass is cut and stacked into rolls and on to a pallet for shipping.

Sod is ideal for smaller yards and time sensitive situations. Our sod is harvested no more than 24 hours before application to insure great results. With properly prepared soil we can guarantee you'll love your new lawn.


We take pride in building strong beautiful hardscapes that will last for generations.

Retaining Walls
Decorative Walls
Field Stone
Fire Brick

Authorized Unilock Installer
Cambridge Pavers

Retaining Walls - Sidewalks - Patios - Berlin Ct.

Dave's Landscaping of Berlin Ct. has built 100's of outdoor living spaces and structures. Using pre-fabricated and natural materials we create all manner of hardscape and patio. From the simple sidewalk to a complex backyard poolscape we get it done right.

We use only high quality blocks and pavers made, of special high density concrete. Todays modern pavers and blocks, with a little know how and imagination ,can be used to build some amazing, long lasting, beautiful landscape features.

Unlike some other landscape contractors we take pride in the strength and appearance of everything we build, laying each block, paver, and stone with care and precision.

We build paver sidewalks, paver driveways, paver patios, and paver pool patios. We build retaining walls, decorative walls, benches, poolscapes, and raised patios out of block and stone.

We also create brick sidewalks, slate walkways, blue stone patios, flagstone patios and more.

Please browse our pictures and those of our block manufacturers (above) for design ideas to enhance your landscape.

Earth Management

Dave's Landscaping is happy to offer bucket, tractor, backhoe, excavation, and york rake services in Berlin and surrounding towns.

We offer Power Sweeper sand removal for parking lots.


So many problems that haunt property owners can be solved with a well thought out drainage plan.

Flooded Property
Icy Walkways
Wet Basements

We spread and deliver the following earth products in Berlin Ct:

  • Pea Gravel
  • River Rock
  • Crushed stone
  • Sand
  • Stone Dust
  • Screenings
  • Highway Mix
  • Processed Stone
  • Screened Topsoil
  • Fill Dirt
  • Bark Nuggets
  • Lava Rock
Cedar Mulch - Bark Mulch - Pine Mulch - Recycled Mulch - Pine Nuggets
Red mulch - Brown mulch - Black mulch - Light Mulch - Dark Mulch


Professional planting of:

Flower Beds
Ground Covering
Shade Plants
Privacy Rows

Professional Hedge Trimming

Leaves and Trees

We offer fall clean up service including leaf raking, leaf blowing, and vacuum truck leaf and debris removal.

We also offer leaf pile "removal only" vacuum service in Berlin Ct.

We do not remove large trees near structures or overhead lines.

We cut and remove smaller trees, brush, and shrubs.
Land clearing
Wood chipping

Poison Ivy Removal

We remove and eradicate nuisance plant species including:

Poison Ivy
Poison Oak
Poison Sumac
Vines and Creepers
Invasive Plants
and more..

Professional nuisance plant removal and eradication services available in Berlin Ct. and surrounding towns.


We provide dependable winter services in Berlin Ct.

We offer professional:
Snow Plowing
Snow Removal
and Sand/Salt Spreading

We provide winter services to commercial and residential
parking lots and driveways.

We have a limited number of new openings for each winter season. Contact Dave early in the fall to reserve a spot.

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